Rino Nakasone
Born June 11, 1979 in Okinawa

Currently based in Los Angeles, and is active throughout the US and Asia.

At age 11, Rino saw the movie “Moonwalker” and became utterly captivated by Michael Jackson.
At age 14, she saw Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Tour and set her heart on becoming an entertainer like Michael.
Determined to make her dream come true, Rino headed to the US at age 19 (in 1998).
She got serious about dance while attending university in LA, home of the entertainment industry.

In 2004 when her visa was up for renewal, Rino made it through the backup dancer auditions for Janet Jackson, one of her idols. Janet’s efforts resulted in her visa being issued. During that same period she was offered for Britney Spear’s world tour. Rino joined Britney’s tour, after Janet urged her to go on the world tour for the sake of her future career.
During that same period she was offered for Britney Spear’s world tour. Rino joined Britney’s tour, After Janet kindly suggested so that she can learn, experience and grow as a dancer.

That same year, she joined Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls using the artist name of “Music.” She appeared in numerous music videos, and accompanied Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers Tour 2005 as a backup dancer.

In 2009, Rino participated in MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew (Season 3) TV show as a member of the all-girl dance group Beat Freaks, which made it to runner-up.
In 2011, she handled the choreography for “Toxic” on Britney Spear’s Femme Fatale Tour.

As to Asia, in May 2005 Rino made her debut as choreographer for Korean boy group SHINee’s debut single “Replay” after someone with the group saw her on Youtube.
This led to choreography requests from numerous K-POP artists. In 2009, she handled choreography for the Girls’ Generation single “Genie,” and has undertaken many other choreographic projects since then.

Her “beautiful legs dance” that made the most of the girls’ beautiful legs became a hit in Japan, and she began doing projects throughout Asia, including Japan, Taiwan and China.

Since 2012, she started gaining momentum in Japanese entertainment scene - appearing in Japanese TV shows, choreographing Japanese pop music groups such as AKB48 and SMAP, choreographing a Japanese musical “WIZ” by Amon Miyamoto. Nakasone also choreographed and was starred in a TV commercial for Okinawa’s Orion beer. 2013 saw her directing and performing at the Japan Premier event of Disney movie Oz: the Great and Powerful and performed a protagonist of a Japanese street dance theatre ASTERISK for 2 consecutive years. She also was one of the 3 judges of X FACTOR OKINAWA JAPAN. In 2014, she is a regular lecturer of NHK (Japanese public broadcasting channel)’s “shumi Do Raku” show and was the art director for K-pop star, BoA’s concert.